The Avengers ***No Spoilers***

I hate spoilers so while I HAVE seen the movie (it’s awesome) and I’m writing to talk about it (I can’t help myself) I’m not actually going to tell you anything relative to the plot (because I’m nice).

First off, it’s long. Do NOT get popcorn, do NOT get a drink. You will have to leave and then you will miss shit because it is a cinematic masterpiece. Every moment is packed with either action, laughs or both. The fight scenes are plentiful and masterfully done. When I get the DVD I’d like to watch them slowed down so I can see EVERYTHING.

Now onto one of my thoughts that I had towards the end: This is a powerhouse of a movie. There will be another one. How will they go about it is the question. They’re gonna have more characters involved. Spiderman might come up as he tends to do from time to time. If there is any hope in the universe they will pull Tobey Maguire for it and NOT Andrew Garfield. I’m sure he’s a dear man but dude he’s not Spiderman. For the slight jerkiness, the shyness and the child-like abandon and delight in the powers brought on by the radioactive spider bite, Maguire is your man.

Seriously. Go see the movie. If you love comics, you’ll love it.


Valentine’s Day Recap

Mr. G and I really just embraced the holiday and reveled in the passion that we have for each other. We’re definitely in a different place vs last year. You know if you’d asked me even a month ago if the separation last year was a good idea I would have said no but honestly I can say now that it was. I never thought I’d say that but there you have it.

We went to see The Vow and then we went to Mitchell’s Fish Market for dinner. The Vow was incredibly sad but really powerful. This couple is SO in love and then they get into a car accident and she loses her memory of their entire relationship. The WHOLE thing. Sometimes the strength of the love I have for Mr. G freaks me out. And to see that kind of love in a movie like this was nice. Alzheimer’s runs in Mr. G’s family so he’s scared of not being able to remember his family but he really enjoyed the movie as well. We both teared up a little bit, we kept looking over at each other and smiling…it was really nice.

Mitchell’s Fish Market was amazing. It’s a family place (they have high chairs and the cutest little girl stopped by and said goodbye as her family was leaving) but the decor was still really upscale and each table seemed like it’s own little island. Heck they had valet parking! Check THAT out. The food was so so good. The fish was really really fresh and the dishes were fresh. It hadn’t been sitting around forever you know? We’d definitely go back for special occasions. Also major points for the awesome soundtrack. Mr. G and I might have sang Fly Me to the Moon to each other as it played overhead. 😉