That’s pretty much what I am right now. It used to be that I’d spend most of my time on forums but I’m not really on any right now (I log into some every now and again to google answers to my questions but they’re ones I’ve never really been big on). I haven’t been on forums for a while though so why I’m all of a suddenly bored now is beyond me. Maybe I ran out of stuff to read? I dunno.


As If I Wasn’t Busy Enough

So. We have PCS. We have a reenlistment that hasn’t happened yet. We have orders that can’t be cut because of funding. We have a custody battle with a lazy lawyer who we’re not entirely sure is on our side.

Oh yeah I’m in school too. 😀

In spite of all of that I’m undertaking two creative projects. Honestly I might not follow through with them but for right now they’re something that I want to pursue and tell you about.

First off, I’m going to try to get back into my writing. I’ve got all of these ideas running around in my head and plenty of free time since Mr. G is getting ready to deploy. Also I’m getting a new laptop that isn’t missing a L key so who knows what will happen.

Secondly, I’m going to write a business plan. People have been talking about businesses, Shark Tank is back on and once again I’m reminded of a business idea that’s always sort of in the back of my head. Namely whenever I need the services of this business. So…might as well write up the business plan. Maybe I’ll learn something, maybe it’ll just make me hungry. Who knows?