Writing? Oh yeah…..

So I may have neglected to mention that I’ve started to write again. I haven’t really written since the beginning of high school. I used to love to but then we moved and life sucked and my dad got sick and life sucked more and there’s always the monkey wrench to my equilibrium that is Mr. G…..anyway I’m writing again. Working on two stories although more are pushing at my brain. I’ve tried Nanowrimo a few different years to get the juices flowing but this feel different. I feel different. There’s no time constraint and so I want to write. It’s weird. Anyway I have a blog that I post updates and links to my stories when I upload them. Take a look I suppose.




I’m Not a People Person

Ok so there’s 50-11 things that I want to write about and share with you (whoever you might be). Health stuff, marriage stuff, military moving stuff….but today (and for the past few days) I’ve been cranky. And that is incredibly distracting. There aren’t enough hours in the day, I’m exhausted and I’m struggling to communicate effectively. So yeah. I’m cranky and anti-people right now. I’ve got a couple of posts brewing though and I’ll edit and post as soon as I get these monkeys off my back.