PCS Overload

I’m drowning. There’s SO much to do and I’m really on edge about it. Can this wait? Will I have any help with this? Here’s a quick rundown of everything:

  • Get Mr. G’s car running and registered so he can drive it to check into his new duty station.
  • Check on these random cracks in the ceiling
  • Get someone to remove the coat hanger from the guest bath drain. (Long. Story.)
  • Pick a pack out date keeping in mind PPO will only hold our stuff 90 days
  • Sell my car
  • Buy another car
  • Find a job
  • Work at my job here until the end of May
  • Find a house
  • Decide whether or not to sell or rent out our house here

Yeah it’s all….just a bit much.


I’m Not a People Person

Ok so there’s 50-11 things that I want to write about and share with you (whoever you might be). Health stuff, marriage stuff, military moving stuff….but today (and for the past few days) I’ve been cranky. And that is incredibly distracting. There aren’t enough hours in the day, I’m exhausted and I’m struggling to communicate effectively. So yeah. I’m cranky and anti-people right now. I’ve got a couple of posts brewing though and I’ll edit and post as soon as I get these monkeys off my back.