Good WordPress Tutorials

So yeah.

Anyone have any links to WordPress tutorials they really enjoyed and found helpful. Part of this whole drive to be a better person for my baby is trying to get employed or at the very least broaden my horizons. I know there’s money in blogging, but I also know that’s not a reason to be blogging because it’s not as easy as one would think AND it doesn’t happen as readily as one would think. But I do think I could use my blog to open myself up and expose myself to more possibilities. I don’t know what the future has in store for me. Retail, office work, crafting, work from home…but there’s something. I know just with being more mindful about my Twitter usage and clearing out some of the trash on my timeline, I’ve made contact with more inspirational people. More work at home moms, more natural mamas, just more people who are where I want to be. I’m old enough where I feel like I need to be surrounded with likeminded people. It’s been great and I’ve gotten some great insight and inspiration. I’d like my blog to do the same thing my Twitter has for me. I’d like to….I don’t just want to connect. I want to make BETTER connections. That’s what I’m looking for. So…if there’s any tutorials that you really enjoy I’d love some links. I’m wanting to get my contact information up on my blog so that people can get in touch with me easier.


So is a networking website for 20 something bloggers. It’s designed on the premises that 20 something year olds have a lot of contribute to the blogosphere and I tend to agree. A good deal of my favorite blogs are written by 20 somethings or were started when the author was in their 20s. The 20s is an interesting time in life I’ve learned and even when I’m not posting consistently I enjoy sharing it. It’s thrilling to think I’m leaving my little mark on the world.

At any rate, check it out and stand by. I’m seeing some good ideas over there that I want to bring to SOTP.

When we’re up we’re down

So….still haven’t made a choice about the lawyer and I’m pretty sure we’ve ran out of time on that one. I just…what does one even do about that? I just…so much hope and it’s gone now.

I was in a car accident on the 9th. Put my car on a fence. So there’s a $500 deductible that we have to manage to pay now. The stress that that puts on my spirit is just…..colossal.


I’ve been writing a bit more when I have the time and it’s nice. And Mr. G’s reenlistment went off without a hitch which is really nice. We’ve decided that Mr. G being gainfully employed shouldn’t be held against him and that we’re going to keep on pushing. Whether we do that without or without the lawyer remains to be seen. We don’t have orders yet but the Navy is broke and he’s reenlisted for 6 more years so what will happen will happen.

And on a final note my school money gets here next month and I’ll be ordering a new computer. I’m hoping this means more writing and more blog posts for the two or three people who are reading.

MTC: Fear

Fear stops me from doing a lot of things. But with the Solstice and then the New Year I feel this urge to do something different. Not necessarily to be better but to switch the game up. There’s a variety of things I’ve always wanted to do that I’ve let fear hold me back from. And I don’t want to live half a life anymore. I don’t want to constantly second guess myself or think about things I should have done…I just want to do things. I want to live life authentically.


I can make no promises as to how pretty this will end up but I hope you enjoy reading about it. I’m going to do a series of blog posts called Moving Towards Change and they’ll touch on the things I’m trying to tweak. I don’t know how this is different from my wish list, or how this isn’t a 2012 Resolutions Post, or which post (my wish list or the MTC series) has more likelihood of actually coming to fruition….I just know all those things are true. Take my word on this.


First thing up: My crafting business. Not only actually getting it going but resisting the urge to give everything out for free. Fingers crossed I don’t lose friends over it. I feel like for what I’d charge the quality is there but I have to continue to find the motivation to actually make stock, stop being such a chickenshit and put myself out there AND limit the number of gifts I give out. I have a lot of anxiety about making people upset with me but the good thing is a lot of my friends have their own hobby businesses and they actually manufacturer things that I want. They’re reasonable people who I think would be open to trades but I’ll never know if I don’t ask now will I? Also, touching on the motivation point, I have to make it a priority. My other responsibilities will suck all of the time out of my life if I let them. And since it’s MY time….why don’t’ I just take it back?

Talking To Myself

So I have 42 posts and about 3 comments. Essentially I’m writing to myself. Why do I continue to do it then? I could just as easily write in a journal and keep it off the internet since I’m not sharing it with anybody. I do it because I think there’s so many different people out in the world that someone might be able to benefit from it. Somewhere out in the world someone might be better off for hearing from my ramblings. I mean even if reading my blog just makes someone glad they’re not me; they’ve gained appreciation for their life right? That has to count for something. And so I write.

Ever Feel Like A Mime?

You know the part of the routine that mimes do where they’re in the glass box and they’re fighting to get out but they’re hopelessly stuck?

That’s. My. Life. Right now. At this very point in time. The words over it don’t even begin to explain. I’ve got some thoughts and some tentative plans but yeah planning on the weekend doesn’t always work. People and their family lives and shit. 🙂

I’ve only typed a few sentences but I have this wave of optimism and calm washing over me. You know I’ve been journaling forever but I haven’t always kept up with it and honestly I don’t know why. I think I tend to forget about paper journals (Mr G and I can get messy) and then with a blog I feel like I have nothing that people want to hear so why keep putting stuff out there. But it was nice to feel the grumpiness quickly leave. Very nice indeed.