Missing Mom and some Scentsy deals!!!

So my mom had knee surgery Wednesday. She originally had a knee replacement done in 2010. Things were all fine and good. This year she started having some pain in that knee and some wiggling feelings. Fast forward and it turns out infection got in there and so things shifted around and got loose. So she had to have the knee replacement removed and an antibiotic spacer installed. It’s not an actual knee joint it’s just a spacer. Keeps everything from fusing and puts antibiotics right at the source of the infection. After about 6-8 weeks, when they’re sure the infection is completely cleared up, they’ll put another knee replacement in. Right now she’s waiting on cultures to come back before she can leave the hospital. They were supposed to take 5 days to grow and they haven’t grown yet. I don’t know if this means that it’s a slow growing infection (which I think would mean it could be easier to kill off) or that there was no infection (so what caused the replacement hardware to start to fail?!?!) and no one really has any answers for me. So…that’s frustrating. The house is weird without her in it. Not to mention I can miss one of them (my mom and my husband) but then I need the other one to be where they’re supposed to be. It’s been rough. I’m trying to be optimistic and just relax in the fact that she’s coming home soon and so is he.


On a unrelated note, I’m a Scentsy consultant as I’m sure I’ve mentioned. Right now I’m running two specials. First off, I’ve got a party that qualifies for free shipping!!! Secondly I’m running a special. Buy $30 worth of product, any product and get a bar of your choice free. Not a scent I pick out for you anything of your choice. If Scentsy has it in stock you will get it. Email me at awickedrose@gmail.com for the link to the online catalog or to place an order!!!


It’s Actually Happening

I’m actually losing weight. It’s steady progress and it’s continuing to happen. It doesn’t feel like a fluke and it feels like I can actually keep it up. I think it’s because hardcore exercise isn’t something I’ve managed to fit into my life schedule yet. There’s just so much on my plate. I get it but some days I don’t. This is where healthy eating would fit in. I thought I was doing that but after doing Weight Watchers for about a month I’m thinking I didn’t quite have a handle on it at all. I know what healthy food is and I know that smaller portions are better but I never had a really good grasp on how many calories was the right amount. I’d either be hungry or not see the progress I was looking for. I’m seeing patterns with my eating now that I didn’t see before and even though I’ve been busy I’m still losing weight.


I’m happy about it. I feel confident for the first time about my ability to lose this weight.

I’m Not a People Person

Ok so there’s 50-11 things that I want to write about and share with you (whoever you might be). Health stuff, marriage stuff, military moving stuff….but today (and for the past few days) I’ve been cranky. And that is incredibly distracting. There aren’t enough hours in the day, I’m exhausted and I’m struggling to communicate effectively. So yeah. I’m cranky and anti-people right now. I’ve got a couple of posts brewing though and I’ll edit and post as soon as I get these monkeys off my back.

Take Care Of Yourself

The other day I came across this post written by Kris, a former military spouse who is married to a great guy who just happens to be bipolar. Her oldest daughter has already grasped a skill that so many adults forget to make time for. Every now and again we all just need to take a moment and just be us.The world can make so many demands of a person. As a student, as a wife, as an employee….someone is always there with their hand out. And somedays it’s hard.

I hope that one day taking time to remember who me is will be something I don’t think twice about.

Cut It All Off

I cut off my locs and then cut my hair REALLY short. Like a number 5 guard on the clippers. I feel really really good about it. It’s a brand new start and I feel really great about that. I love hair dye but over time I didn’t like the way it made my locs feel and upkeep can get to be really expensive. (Color upkeep not loc upkeep.) So yeah. I just cut them off. I’m not sure Mr. G likes it but honestly you have to be happy with you at the end of the day. And right now I’m happy. It’ll grow and be healthy again and hopefully by that point in time so will the rest of me.