I’ve been up down and all around lately. I’ve been working on keeping up with my meds and whatnot but I’m not in therapy and it’s really a pain in the ass to make it happen where I am. If I don’t get a car here I’ll just get to it when I get to Jax. I care but I don’t care. I don’t know. I’m just feeling really low right now and I haven’t blogged in a while so now you get to hear it. Read it rather.

I’m trying and I’m working and I’m hoping and damnit I just don’t know why. I don’t care but I do care and I just…I don’t know. This blog really has no kind of point. It’s just what it is.

I like my dreads but I don’t. Next set will be smaller. Significantly smaller. Maybe I’ll have someone help me put in the twists. I’m working on a freeform challenge. Should be fun. It’s definitely easier with all the kids running around to just not retwist.