When It Rains It Pours

So we heard from the lawyer regarding the case we’re involved in for M. Basically he’ll take our money but we’re beyond his help because Mr. G continue to choose to be in the Navy and refuses to fly up monthly to see M. (Because he can get leave whenever.)

The retainer has been exhausted and we feel incredibly defeated. We have to start over I suppose. Mr. G is currently exploring not reenlisting even though his reenlistment is scheduled for the 12th. Of April.

In addition to that, my friend whose mother passed away in the beginning of February, her father is having heart surgery and because of this lawyer insanity I can’t go help take care of her father like I promised her I would.

I’m scared and lost.


Bye Auntie

So I have this friend. And we’re extremely close, like sisters. We do NOT see eye to eye all the time and we struggle with each other sometimes but we love each other and when it matters we’re there for each other.


Her momma died today.


I never know what to say at times like these. I’m awkward and worried about saying the wrong thing or hurting already bruised feelings. She was kind to me when Mr. G and I were separated (my friend’s mother). And her and my friend were straight but compassionate with me. They didn’t really sugarcoat but they didn’t bash me either. She’s been sick for so long but she carried herself with SUCH grace. She was a remarkable woman who still enjoyed her life in spite of being sick. She didn’t let it make her bitter. I’m excited about meeting my friend’s family but I’m devastated it’s under these circumstances.


I’m not really religious. At all. Y’all know that. But pray for my friend and her family anyway please. She’s heartbroken and I can’t help.

Let’s Talk About Hair

Namely mine. Lately I’m sick of it. Between sun and crummy water they’re getting really sun bleached again AND….I’ve got a full face. Some would say fat. I look better with longer hair. And locs tend to make your hair shrink. To say I’m frustrated would be the understatement of the century. BUT, locing is a journey so…onward and upward right? Right.