Shh…..I’m a Homebody

Don’t tell anyone!!!

Oftentimes I observe friends going out and doing things and I think “Oh I would love to get out like that and do things like that”. In my mind I’d be the girl who went to lunch all the time, or the zoo, or to strip clubs, the movie, shopping, clubbing and all of that stuff. If I just had a little bit more money, or was thinner, or had nicer clothes blah blah blah.

But let’s be real. I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good couch. I like to cook almost as much as I like to eat out. I’m a super big fan of eating yummy foods from a great restaurant on my couch. And I love playing video games right here in my living room. My favorite club? My car. I will jam out all day every day.

Lots of people have exciting lives but I don’t think I’d have nearly as much fun living those lives as I do reading about them.



Change: Both Good and Bad

Change is a double sided sword. Sometimes you get really good things from it. You learn things about yourself…you realize you can do more than you ever dreamed. Big change can make you better than you ever hoped to be before. But it also make you see things that you didn’t quite notice before. Things that maybe you were too busy to notice or things you just didn’t want to notice. Like how sometimes love isn’t enough. Like how the trust hasn’t been there in a while. Like how much you really and truly dislike attributes of several of your friends. Like how you’ve been taken advantage of several times over. Like how there might just be some ways you suck hardcore. All the unsaid word.

I feel like anytime you change for the better, you can look around and realize things were more fucked than you thought.