Just Out of Reach

I love to write. And I love working with kids. And in the back of my mind, there’s a vision. I’m working from home writing and getting my teaching degree. And then I’m still working from home because my kids are small and breastfeeding. Later I’m teaching and I know I’m making a difference however small it might be and I’m happy.

I feel like that dream is just out of reach sometimes. There’s an opportunity out there somewhere just waiting for me but I can’t seem to find it. And I can’t figure out how to get there or where to find a map or how to just make my own opportunity out of thin air. And it’s frustrating because I see other people living out parts of my dream. I feel stupid because I feel like I’m missing the tiniest of missing links and if I could just figure it out I have the drive and the ability to get it done. I just need one more snippet of information.

I just feel like I’m never gonna get there and now that I’m bringing a baby into the world it’s SO important to get to where I want to be and DO something.