How do things like the Elmo Scandal even happen?

So. The puppeteer behind Elmo, Kevin Clash, has been accused twice in a month of inappropriate sexual conduct with a minor. The first alleged victim has recanted, taken a large settlement and stated that they were an adult when the actions took place. He’s now stating that he was forced into this agreement and he wants out. These sentiments are coming about after a second man has come forward and stated he had a relationship with Kevin Clash while he was still a teen and he’s just now discovering ill mental effects from the experience.


Anytime issues like pop off I have so many questions. When I feel like I’ve been wronged….the severity of the wrong determines how much I’m willing to let it go. I have to wonder how deep something would have to cut me that I would want vindication but not go through with it. I can be shy or easily nervous so if I step up to address something like that…the amount of strength that it would take out of me? I’m not sure I could go back from that. These individuals are adults now so there’s no parents involved. But even now I love Bambina with everything there is in me. There’s no amount of money that would make me walk away from someone who hurt her and just let them live life as usual. If it was truly affecting her life to the point where it was best to drop a suit and take a settlement I’d use the money to make sure this never happened to another child. I could let my child fall back and regroup and live her life, but I would not rest. I just…can’t see it.


I’m dismayed that there are people who are greedy enough and deceitful enough that every declaration of abuse can’t be taken 100% seriously. But to act like people don’t ever cry wolf; whether it’s to be hurtful, or to gain money, or simplly to crush someone’s career or spirit; is just childish. It’s burying your head in the sand. People lie and they do it for dumb reasons. They don’t care about who their lies hurt. And when people lie about something like this they don’t just hurt the people they lie on. They hurt the people that have to come behind them and tell their story and fight to be believed. But they just don’t care. Period.


I have my doubts about the validity of some of the things said in this ordeal. But it’s not for me to judge. The sad thing is if it isn’t real, there’s no undoing what has been said. His career is tarnished. Forever. And if this has a negative impact on Sesame Street, then a great many of America’s children have lost all for the sake of money. That’s a horrifying, terrible, sad thing. I hope that if investigations prove that it’s true, the alleged victims find some kind of justice. If they’re false I hope they suffer consequences for destroying someone’s life work.


The Donald on Jimmy Fallon

So Jimmy Fallon had Donald Trump on his show tonight. We’ve all heard about Mr. Trump lately. His request/demand. The money he’s using to back it. If you’re into social media at all you’ve seen the outrage I’m sure. Jimmy Fallon does not strike one as a journalist. But he did a bit of journalistic footwork this evening. He was polite but he made it clear that he didn’t agree with Trump’s plan and flatout asked him what his plans were for the money. (Of course Trump hedged around that.) But Fallon kept it light and still managed to take a stand and kind of push Trump to talk. He also neatly guilted him by mentioning that New Jersey could use the money.


Well played Mr. Fallon. Well played.