7 Things I Love 6/8

1. My birthday!!! It’s my birthday!
2. M. He’s hilarious, he’s happy and he’s here.
3. Clean pajamas
4. A full dishwasher
5. Gain detergent
6. Putty Buddies
7. Amazon Prime


7 (SEVEN) Things I Love 5/25 + I’m an idiot but thanks for looking the other way

So I was originally going to write about 10 things on a regular basis and then decided I wanted to make this feature my own and do 7 things (one for each day of the week). I LEFT THE NUMBER 10 IN THE TITLE! Then I did it again the following week! And you…you lone faithful writer you gleefully went with it. Big ups yall.

1. Summer visitation
2. Pasta
3. Random piercings
4. Unexpected gifts of money
5. Scentsy
6. Pizza
7. Cheesesteaks

10 Things I Love

It’s a new segment!! I’ve realized while I have families of posts and grouping of posts I don’t actually have a regularly recurring segment. So on Fridays I’m going to try to talk about 7 things I love, am really into or just plain out enjoying this week. You know what you should do? Try the things I say and blog about 7 things YOU’RE really loving this week. It’s not a completely original idea but it’s one that I think is gonna come in handy with deployment hanging over my head. It’s gonna get mopey around here and a little built in positivity never hurt.


  1. Spinach on pizza
  2. Coffee!
  3. Beer in the morning
  4. Warm weather with a breeze
  5. Redken’s All Soft line
  6. Tissues with lotion and/or aloe built in
  7. Babies