Long Walks and Serious Talks

So today I took an epic walk because I’m silly and got turned the hell around. I took this walk with a new friend and we talked a lot about just everything. It was weird opening up to someone I barely know but it was also refreshing because I got the really upfront discussion that I had been craving a few posts back. Everything wasn’t comfortable but it was things that I’d been thinking and was interested in hearing feedback on. I feel good about going home right now. That might change between now and the 27th but I’m going home regardless so….yeah.


Right now I feel great.



I just want to be left the fuck alone. Not because I don’t want to talk about all the various things running through my head but because no one actually answers the questions I have. And I could get into how that means I’m not communicating effectively or how I should answer my own damn questions but honestly….even as I start to find the answers to my life questions on my own and work at communicating better….I still want to be left alone. Even as it gets better I just want to be left alone. Being nice when people are being stupid, petty, mean or just flat out annoying is hard and I’m ever so slightly over it.