Things I’m Thankful For-Day 10

Moving television shows.


I struggle with my emotions. I’ve always been unsure about them, even though they’re mine. I’m grateful for television shows that allow me to explore my feelings and get comfortable with my emotions. I like when the show grips me and carries me in a variety of places.


Things I’m Thankful For-Day 9

Today I’m thankful for true friends. Everyone is not really your friend. This was an exceptional hard lesson for me to learn because I’m weird and I’m awkward and I just really want people who get me. I want to be understood. And so I’ve put energy into friendships that just weren’t worth it. I’ve wasted time with people who wouldn’t spit on me to put me out if I were on fire. And it hurt like hell. But I’m better for it because I truly appreciate the friends I have now. I’m more able to appreciate kind words and gestures and I’m in a better position to give. I’m a better friend for the true friends I have.

Things I’m Thankful For-Days 1-8

I started school on the 1st and it’s NaNoWriMo (duh ’cause it’s November), not to mention Mr. G’s car decided to cry bitchbaby AND my Jax bestie had breast reduction surgery and I’m over at her place holding her baby and helping her with things she can’t reach or lift.

I’ve been busy.

But I still want to do this meme if for no other reason than to follow through on SOMETHING (still working on that whole concept) along with having a record of things to be thankful when the entire world seems like shit.

1. My mother: She loves me unconditionally. I make mistakes like it’s my gotdamn job and still she welcomes me back with open arms. She continues to advise me as well as shelter my heart and nurture my spirit. She’s truly the wind beneath my wings.

2. Baking: There’s something loving and warm and motherly/wifely about baking. Simple simple ingredients. (Cheap ingredients too!) Baking is also very orderly. There’s a set way to do things. Enough flex to be creative but still very orderly. And when I’m having a horrible day and I feel stilted and lost and depressed I can be creative in the kitchen. I can have fun and still have a guideline to follow which gives me a real sense of order. It keeps me grounded.

3. Technology: No matter what time of day or where I am, I can reach out and be surrounded by my loved ones. I can look quickly and find the answer to most questions. I’m never truly alone, even when I think that’s what I want. And I’m never really lost either. That’s a wonderful thing.

4. Warm weather: I love the feel of the sun on my face combined with a nice soft breeze. I love being able to wiggle my toes in warm earth. I like to be able to take a nap in a patch of sunlight. There’s something peaceful about warm weather and I’m anemic so I’m always a bit on the chilly side.

5. Babies: They are the beginnings of humanity. The building blocks. The start of it all. They’re innocent, kind, loving and SO trusting. I feel hope for the world when I hold a baby and joy in my heart. It’s this magnificent feeling and it’s part of why I want to work with kids.

6. Pharmaceuticals: I believe there is something I’m missing. And one day I’ll find it and be able to work around it. Then I won’t hurt anymore and I won’t struggle with the day to day things that are so easy for most of my age group. Until then though, I’m thankful for the meds that allow me to get up and enjoy the life that I have.

7. The color black: It can be really chic or really comfy and it goes with everything. I’m low maintenance with clothing and it’s nice to know I can work a piece with almost anything else I have because it’s basic black. It suits most of my many moods and it makes me feel comfortable.

8. Comedy: I love to laugh. It’s hard to be frustrated at the stupidity of the world when there’s so much to laugh at. Laughter is a fantastic medicine.