A Bad Day

There’s no other words for what today was.

I woke up uncomfortable. Couldn’t rest, couldn’t get comfortable. Felt uneasy and uncomfortable in my skin. Extremely worried. Tried to eat and calm down. Felt calm but it didn’t last, my dad got up asking 50 million different things when he was rude as hell yesterday. I was supposed to make phone calls and I was just so agitated I couldn’t stay on the phone long enough to make them.

It upset my stomach to the point where I threw up. I hurt all over. I feel anxious and alone. I just want my husband and of course I can’t have him.

Today just sucked.


It’s not a step backwards, but a step forward

So I had an appointment with psychology Monday. I feel great about it. There’s a ton more resources here vs our last duty station. I actually feel like my insurance is working for me and that I have access to the care I’m afforded. I feel hopeful about it. With the addition of pregnancy I just have a lot on my plate. I’m hoping that having an impartial sounding board will kind of help me manage things.


I’m viewing it as a win and not a loss or a step back.