The Donald on Jimmy Fallon

So Jimmy Fallon had Donald Trump on his show tonight. We’ve all heard about Mr. Trump lately. His request/demand. The money he’s using to back it. If you’re into social media at all you’ve seen the outrage I’m sure. Jimmy Fallon does not strike one as a journalist. But he did a bit of journalistic footwork this evening. He was polite but he made it clear that he didn’t agree with Trump’s plan and flatout asked him what his plans were for the money. (Of course Trump hedged around that.) But Fallon kept it light and still managed to take a stand and kind of push Trump to talk. He also neatly guilted him by mentioning that New Jersey could use the money.


Well played Mr. Fallon. Well played.



Le sigh….


It’s such a wild card with this genre. You never know what you’re going to get with a show. Mr. G loves the genre as a whole and it’s like every 5 shows he tries out I like one. I think I just like more old school stuff versus some of the new stuff that has come out.


Anyone have any suggestions? Would love to hear them!