When we’re up we’re down

So….still haven’t made a choice about the lawyer and I’m pretty sure we’ve ran out of time on that one. I just…what does one even do about that? I just…so much hope and it’s gone now.

I was in a car accident on the 9th. Put my car on a fence. So there’s a $500 deductible that we have to manage to pay now. The stress that that puts on my spirit is just…..colossal.


I’ve been writing a bit more when I have the time and it’s nice. And Mr. G’s reenlistment went off without a hitch which is really nice. We’ve decided that Mr. G being gainfully employed shouldn’t be held against him and that we’re going to keep on pushing. Whether we do that without or without the lawyer remains to be seen. We don’t have orders yet but the Navy is broke and he’s reenlisted for 6 more years so what will happen will happen.

And on a final note my school money gets here next month and I’ll be ordering a new computer. I’m hoping this means more writing and more blog posts for the two or three people who are reading.


When It Rains It Pours

So we heard from the lawyer regarding the case we’re involved in for M. Basically he’ll take our money but we’re beyond his help because Mr. G continue to choose to be in the Navy and refuses to fly up monthly to see M. (Because he can get leave whenever.)

The retainer has been exhausted and we feel incredibly defeated. We have to start over I suppose. Mr. G is currently exploring not reenlisting even though his reenlistment is scheduled for the 12th. Of April.

In addition to that, my friend whose mother passed away in the beginning of February, her father is having heart surgery and because of this lawyer insanity I can’t go help take care of her father like I promised her I would.

I’m scared and lost.