K.I.S.S. and how it helped my budget

Our budget.
You name it and we’ve tried it. We’re forgetful, we’re absent-minded and oftentimes we’re broke on top of all of that. So the budget is pushed at the seams as it is and then on top of that one of us inevitably leaves something out.
Until recently. Introduce the notebook. Plain, classic and easily available. I didn’t come up with this and honestly I feel dumb that I didn’t. But back to the point: You get a notebook. You write a payday at the top of the front of a page. You write the bills that will be paid out of that paycheck down and add them up. Then once you get paid, you write the amount that hit your account (or if it was in the negative you write what you ended up getting but this process should eliminate this happening over time) on the BACK of the page you wrote your expected expenses on.

So your first page would look like this:

October 1st

Car note,
+credit card
+everyone else who wants your money
$All Your Coins ‘n Dollas

Then on the back of that page it would look like this:

Small paycheck
-Car insurance
-car note
-credit card
-everything else you owe
$The money you have left for gas, food and some damn near free fun

Then to help things, if some of these are automated or not instantly subtracted from your bank account; you write the items down and then you give them a red check mark when they clear the account. This is GREAT for the things that are automated because if you look and go to spend money and seem to have too much, you can reference the book and be all oh yeah this hasn’t cleared. It helps stay on top of things.

This has…it’s relieved SO much stress. By using this in addition to my Ledgerist app I feel in control of our money instead of the other way around.


MTC: Fear

Fear stops me from doing a lot of things. But with the Solstice and then the New Year I feel this urge to do something different. Not necessarily to be better but to switch the game up. There’s a variety of things I’ve always wanted to do that I’ve let fear hold me back from. And I don’t want to live half a life anymore. I don’t want to constantly second guess myself or think about things I should have done…I just want to do things. I want to live life authentically.


I can make no promises as to how pretty this will end up but I hope you enjoy reading about it. I’m going to do a series of blog posts called Moving Towards Change and they’ll touch on the things I’m trying to tweak. I don’t know how this is different from my wish list, or how this isn’t a 2012 Resolutions Post, or which post (my wish list or the MTC series) has more likelihood of actually coming to fruition….I just know all those things are true. Take my word on this.


First thing up: My crafting business. Not only actually getting it going but resisting the urge to give everything out for free. Fingers crossed I don’t lose friends over it. I feel like for what I’d charge the quality is there but I have to continue to find the motivation to actually make stock, stop being such a chickenshit and put myself out there AND limit the number of gifts I give out. I have a lot of anxiety about making people upset with me but the good thing is a lot of my friends have their own hobby businesses and they actually manufacturer things that I want. They’re reasonable people who I think would be open to trades but I’ll never know if I don’t ask now will I? Also, touching on the motivation point, I have to make it a priority. My other responsibilities will suck all of the time out of my life if I let them. And since it’s MY time….why don’t’ I just take it back?