Doula Wars

So yesterday I met with a potential doula. It didn’t go as I expected it to go. I’m not sure why I’m surprised because nothing rarely even does go the way I intend.

One of the reasons we went with her is that her husband is involved in her practice and I thought that would be great for Mr. G. She was kinda…I dunno what the word is. Aggressive, gimmicky, pushy? …Maybe I DO know what the word is. She’s passionate and that’s a great thing she just came on really strong. And I have an idea of what I want so being pushed to do things I’m not comfortable with because “well if you’re going to do this you might as well go all the way” doesn’t really work for me. Not to mention, don’t tell me you know what I want because we’re in some of the same groups on Facebook. That’s such a weird assumption to make ya know?

So we have another interview later this week. Only issue is the first we interviewed is definitely the better value. Although given where she lives maybe not. What she offers for her fee though is extensive BUT it likely comes with more than I want to deal with if our meeting last night is any indication. Like I don’t want all of these special products I just want to have a baby. That’s it.

Another thing I’m realizing is that the birthing community here is smaller than I thought so..have to be super careful of what I say to whom. Eep.


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