I’m Now Employed

And guess what?

I’m still not happy.

Bambina is due in March. My oldest stepchild is graduating from middle school in June. My training starts Jan 2. I have to train 4 weeks and then work for 30 days before I can request time off. To spare you having to do the math that plops me right in front of my due date. So it seems like as soon as I can take time off I’m going to have to. I’m thinking at this point I’m going to take 2 weeks because I’m not sure how many paid days off I’ll have racked up at this point. THEN I’d like to take time off in June to go to the graduation. Mr. G and I were supposed to go but they changed his deployment schedule and so now he won’t be home. As horrible as I feel about saying this,  in the recent past, she has gotten the short end of the stick thanks to the court issues with the other stepchild. And she has been so gracious about it. I do NOT want to miss out on her graduation.

My heart is heavy and I should be so happy right now.


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