Today, I Won

I finished reading STori Telling today. It was needed. I rode a roller coaster today. First I found out my mom will be out of work longer than we thought because of the surgical schedule. Then I almost crashed the car due to a blood sugar crash. Then I got a job. (Seriously, a real one that pays well.) Then my father in law reached out and that was nice. Until his girlfriend ruined it. Once again he’s letting a woman run him and my husband is not here for it. My FIL should sit up and pay attention but he won’t. He’s disrespected my husband for the last time though.

Anyway, I read Tori Spelling’s book. Great writing just like Mommywood. I just….I feel a deeper sense of peace to reading it. I feel a calm I haven’t felt regarding birth. Her books are always such a great read because with the money and the fame and the infamy…she’s still human. It’s nice to see. Makes me feel hopeful you know?


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