Different kind of waiting during deployment

So. We all know deployments are about waiting. Waiting for them to get home, waiting to hear from them, waiting for some news after a major event in the news. All sorts of waiting.

But there’s another kind they don’t tell you about. Now normally Mr. G is right up my ass. And if he’s not, he’s a phone call, Xbox message or text away. But he’s deployed so now it’s email. That he may or may not get. That he might not have the time to respond to. When you’re a girl like me who has most of her friends online….that’s a problem.

I’m excited to be pregnant. So stoked. When something happens I want to tweet, Facebook, Instagram. But I can’t do that. Because my ass is grass if social media finds out something about my baby before I do. So I’m learning to wait.

If there was ever a master exercise in patience this would be it. So much wit held in. And then I thought…how did society get to this point? Where it’s not the event that matters but how quickly you share it?

Thoughts? Insight?


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