I can be crafty when I want to

And I often want to. I just don’t always share. I don’t want to share enough to write a craft blog I know that. But I’m writing about the task I’m about to partake in because it is for my baby.


I’m making cloth wipes.

Yes I could buy them but there’s other things I want to make for MochaBean so I might as well get the practice in on some wipes. I’ll maybe take some action shots, but either way I’ll shall the finished product. I struggle with anxiety and it’s been amplified with this baby. I just….every decision is thought and double thought and examined over and over and over. Being able to prepare things for baby with my own two hands helps out a lot. Now I just have to balance the need to do with a decent length list. Don’t want to bite off more than I can chew!


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