Deployment Update

It’s going. This boat is not as together as the last one and that annoys me. As weird as it is (Mr. G is a full five years older than I am) I feel like I’ve given them a piece of me that’s extremely important to take care of and they’re mismanaging the care of it. He’s my snoogie damnit. I guess it annoys me that he’s expected to give so much of his life and time for…not the best pay and they can’t get food to the boat in a timely manner. (They dropped some of it in the ocean.) Or they lose mail. I just…it’s annoying. It’s not the biggest thing in the world I know, and it could be worse so spare me all of that. It’s just like…dude come on.


Today I’m preparing to bake him some goods. I’m hoping they get there in a decent amount of time but who can really know? I’ll post pictures! Maybe even engage my readers! Woohoo!


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