Let the military speak for themselves

The 4th of July was this week. I saw a lot of shaming. Like a lot.

Don’t forget what it’s for. I’m glad my other military spouses know the real meaning of this holiday and how it isn’t about being drunk but paying respects and honor. Junk like that.

Here’s my viewpoint. I’m a housewife. I do not leave my family, I don’t see war and I’ll never have to kill someone so I can see my husband again. I’m not in a position to speak for them. Most of the people who speak for the military aren’t in a position to speak for them.

The military isn’t a glamorous job. Seriously. Crap pay, annoying people and you definitely get blamed for your boss’s actions. Maybe people think these conditions mean the military needs glory heaped on their shoulders. I dunno. I know my husband joined because he wanted to do the right thing and make a difference. I know some of my family have joined to get help with school. I know a blogger’s husband stated both on Memorial Day and the 4th that he’s fought so we can stay free and others can get free and dude enjoy the freedoms! One classmate spends every holiday such as this (the 4th, Memorial Day and Veterans Day) with his wife and baby when he can because he’s grateful to have a job that pays well enough to provide for his family and still have holidays off when he’s not deployed. Another classmate parties it up because he’s an officer in the Navy and loves what he does. He’s excited to be  alive.

None of these guys seem like people who would want folks to forsake their bbqs and fireworks and gatherings. These guys served during a time of war. They’ve deployed and risked their lives. I think they can speak for themselves don’t you?


One response to “Let the military speak for themselves

  1. As a person of the military, most of us don’t speak up like. Most of us get tought not to. But we do read and personally I really aperciate your support and views. Thank you. FYI, I joined to make a difference in this world for the better by protecting people.

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