10 Things I Love

It’s a new segment!! I’ve realized while I have families of posts and grouping of posts I don’t actually have a regularly recurring segment. So on Fridays I’m going to try to talk about 7 things I love, am really into or just plain out enjoying this week. You know what you should do? Try the things I say and blog about 7 things YOU’RE really loving this week. It’s not a completely original idea but it’s one that I think is gonna come in handy with deployment hanging over my head. It’s gonna get mopey around here and a little built in positivity never hurt.


  1. Spinach on pizza
  2. Coffee!
  3. Beer in the morning
  4. Warm weather with a breeze
  5. Redken’s All Soft line
  6. Tissues with lotion and/or aloe built in
  7. Babies

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