It’s Actually Happening

I’m actually losing weight. It’s steady progress and it’s continuing to happen. It doesn’t feel like a fluke and it feels like I can actually keep it up. I think it’s because hardcore exercise isn’t something I’ve managed to fit into my life schedule yet. There’s just so much on my plate. I get it but some days I don’t. This is where healthy eating would fit in. I thought I was doing that but after doing Weight Watchers for about a month I’m thinking I didn’t quite have a handle on it at all. I know what healthy food is and I know that smaller portions are better but I never had a really good grasp on how many calories was the right amount. I’d either be hungry or not see the progress I was looking for. I’m seeing patterns with my eating now that I didn’t see before and even though I’ve been busy I’m still losing weight.


I’m happy about it. I feel confident for the first time about my ability to lose this weight.


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