Oh The Places You Will Go

Mr. G FINALLY got ahold of the detailer. I have no idea what the guy was doing or why he didn’t set something up to let people know he was going to be unavailable. I don’t really want to know. Because if it’s some random bullshit I’m gonna get extremely annoyed and I already have a migraine. And besides being positive gets you further in life and the phone call was productive.


We’re NOT needs of the Navy right now and Mr. G gets to pick orders. Only once though. He got PTS approved in December (on the final look…talk about cutting it close) BUT the sticky wicket was that Dec was also his last month to look at orders. So he got approved on December 17th and yeah…the holidays and having to go out of town to spend Christmas with M…..life happened and the dude (detailer) just never picked up the phone. Honestly it’s always something. Last time we were up for orders we got orders to Hawaii and then all of that was put on hold due to it being the close of the fiscal year and when it all opened up again, the orders had been given away. I can’t help but think of how different our life would be.

I don’t know where we’ll end up. I know where we hope we’ll end up but honestly we could go anywhere. As long as the family court judge in Ohio sees fit to let M live with us permanently where he belongs after hearing about it I don’t really care. We’ll figure out the rest when we get to it.

Order pickin’ goes down tonight at 6pm or first thing tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!


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