We Miss You M

So we went to visit M this past weekend. We also went to court since he’s been removed from his mother’s care. It was a clusterfuck and a half. Folks telling lies left and right to everyone involved and at the end of the day a wonderful little boy has been told lies and left feeling abandoned in part because he has been.

We left him behind but there is a plan in place from him to come to our home and I’m glad for that. Mr. G was so disappointed and heartbroken but given the fact that M would be crossing state lines the plan of action makes sense. It sucks but it makes sense.

We miss you and we’re thinking of you kiddo.


One response to “We Miss You M

  1. I hope the family plan doesn’t take long to be completed. It’s really too bad he was ever removed and not immediately placed with his father. Sometimes social services doesn’t work the way it was intended. :/

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