Don’t Be Stingy

So life is busy, yet not busy right now. It’s kind of weird. I’m spending a good deal of time at home but I have a variety of things to attend to while I’m here.

There’s a few different people going through a few different things. And I could be cautious and hold myself back and just not reach out to see what the issue is or if I can help. It’d be understood. After all I’ve got all these different things going on. It’s no big deal if I just take some time for myself and my family. And if I’m honest with myself there have been times when I’ve been low where they were unresponsive and at some points downright cruel. It’s important for myself, my career, my education and my marriage to not hold onto toxic relationships. If I’m not getting back what I’m putting in I need to cut ties and move the fuck on.

But I do care. And I’m busy but I could shoot off a quick email or send a swift text. It’s the part about previous experiences with these people that causes me to hesitate. I’m called to remember a phrase my mom used to say: Don’t be stingy with your blessings. It’s a blessing that I have a lot of compassion in my heart and the ability to care deeply. Even though I’ve been stung I shouldn’t be stingy with that. I shouldn’t be a doormat either. I’ve just gotta work on forming boundaries. You never know, you could be that one voice someone needs to hear.


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