Talking To Myself

So I have 42 posts and about 3 comments. Essentially I’m writing to myself. Why do I continue to do it then? I could just as easily write in a journal and keep it off the internet since I’m not sharing it with anybody. I do it because I think there’s so many different people out in the world that someone might be able to benefit from it. Somewhere out in the world someone might be better off for hearing from my ramblings. I mean even if reading my blog just makes someone glad they’re not me; they’ve gained appreciation for their life right? That has to count for something. And so I write.


2 responses to “Talking To Myself

  1. Writing should always be something you do for yourself . . . even if no one ever reads it. The simple act of writing is how you get to the truth and how you find your voice. Readers will come when you least expect them. Until then, keep writing as if it were your last day. 🙂

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