Lifestyle Changes

I’m still working on making lifestyle changes that will help me get to where I want to go and live the life I want. Tomorrow on the 20th I’m starting a health journal. I’ll be noting my mood, whether or not I took my meds, what extra things I needed to take if any and just basic stuff like that. I’m hoping that it’ll help me notice patterns that might be helpful and that it’ll serve as a tool for my team in Jacksonville. I’m really excited about it.

The Crafty Faerie is still coming along. I tend to make pieces as gifts and that takes up a lot of my time. I either need to work faster or I need to learn to just give out gift cards like the rest of America. Also I HAVE to be better about taking pictures of items I give away so that I can show people hey this is what I’m capable of. Starting up your own business is NOT easy. At all. There’s a lot of work before you see returns. But dude….I’m enjoying it. I’m going at my own pace and I’m loving it. It’s…it’s mine. A lot of my life has been about other people and their choices, their wants, their goals. This is just mine and I love that.


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