Ever Feel Like A Mime?

You know the part of the routine that mimes do where they’re in the glass box and they’re fighting to get out but they’re hopelessly stuck?

That’s. My. Life. Right now. At this very point in time. The words over it don’t even begin to explain. I’ve got some thoughts and some tentative plans but yeah planning on the weekend doesn’t always work. People and their family lives and shit. 🙂

I’ve only typed a few sentences but I have this wave of optimism and calm washing over me. You know I’ve been journaling forever but I haven’t always kept up with it and honestly I don’t know why. I think I tend to forget about paper journals (Mr G and I can get messy) and then with a blog I feel like I have nothing that people want to hear so why keep putting stuff out there. But it was nice to feel the grumpiness quickly leave. Very nice indeed.


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