Fathers’ Day

Today was Fathers’ Day and I’m on the other side of the country from my daddy. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him and I miss him. We haven’t always seen eye to eye but as I’ve grown older I’ve realized it’s because we’re so incredibly alike. Deeply personal, highly intellectual, really private at some points yet public at others. We have such similar personalities that it’s no wonder that we clashed throughout most of my childhood. Now though? He’s my drinking buddy and we can talk about damn near anything. Even with the communication gap (he has expressive aphasia from having a heart attack a few years back) he can still just listen and manage to give advice. Like we have our own language that’s part inference, part writing and part hand signals. And it flows and it’s us. I miss my daddy.

My husband? He’s a father but not from my efforts. And he couldn’t get leave (go Navy right?) so he’s not seeing his kids and he’s really bummed about it. (Their mothers will never bring them to see him because…a variety of reasons that would make me a smaller person if I listed them here.) So….I shot him a text message (much like the one I got for my birthday) and wished him well. Mr. G said there wasn’t anything to be happy about because of the leave thing and that’s what it is.


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