Finally making a change

So I blogged about this a while ago:

Since then I’ve talked to her and tried to work through things. Yeah no dice. I don’t even think it’s necessarily a bad thing it’s more like we just do business completely differently. There’s just not enough communication going on and….eh I’m just not feeling it. Besides with this whole separation thing I need to be able to tweak deadlines and things to fit where I’m at and what I’m doing without that equaling I will make policies and decisions for the business without your input.

I have most everything figured out…I’m reworking a concept I had back in spring of 2009. The question is….how to go about talking to her about it? Part of me doesn’t see a point because communication has been non-existent up until this point and I just don’t see the need to have this whole big conversation when it’d be easier just to DO what I’d like to do KWIM?

Friends and business….never ever ever mix them. Ever.


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