Commercial Holidays and Life Lessons

Mother’s Day was a bit of a bust this year. I went to dinner with my friend Cassie, her husband and her three kids. Chili’s wasn’t too crowded and the food was good. One of the kids had a major meltdown but kids do that and after a while he was all smiles. I guess what I actually had an issue with is the fact I really couldn’t afford to get my mom a gift. Yeah there’s a lot going on and yes I tell her on a regular basis how much I appreciate her but….she works so hard I wanted to get her something. And Mr. G was supposed to spearhead this with me and he dropped the ball. Why am I’m surprised at this anymore? Why am I waiting on a change that will very likely never come?

I’ve said this a lot before and until it sticks I’ll likely repeat it again but people are people. They are who they are and they will not change. Unless it benefits them. So…quit waiting for the change I guess. One thing I’ve really been enjoying about this whole journey to self-discovery is just doing my own thing. If you don’t like what I do get fucked.


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