Military Spouse Appreciation

So today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. It’s a time where commands across the world can step forward and say “Ya know what we have fucked you 7 ways to Sunday with no lube and then dared you to get angry about it. That wasn’t nice”. Some bases do lunches and free concerts and other events. Some give away gift bags or other swag.

I don’t exactly know how I feel about it. I think marriage is work and anyone willing to do it should be thanking soundly for continuing to soldier on in the name of love. But marriage to someone in the military tends to have that extra hurdle. Sure couples that have someone working long distance experience a lot of the same struggles but the military….there’s a little less choice and a tad bit more danger. I’m not home so I have no idea what the base did for Military Spouse Appreciation Day but I’m sure a) it was nice and b) I would have missed it for some random reason or another. I think the base that my friend that I’m visiting is attached to (awkward sentence sorry!) did something but we’re in the process of moving in and the oldest’s birthday is tomorrow so my friend and I weren’t overly concerned about it. We’re totally stoked about the birthday though!!


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