The Love Of A Good Woman

Some will say that behind every good man is the love of a good woman. I’ll add to this to say that behind every semi-sane person is the love of a good woman. A strong woman who pulls them back from the brink of madness and is their biggest cheerleader even when the goal seems impossible to reach.

My lady is my mother. She’s really been great through this whole journey to self discovery. She’s been helping me out with the financial aspect of it and just really great about giving me the space to do things my way. I didn’t really start out with a plan and  I know that scared her quite a bit but she went with it anyway. I know that was SO SO hard for her but after almost a month of being away from home and just hanging out with my friend and trying new things and taking an anger management class I feel like for the most part I’ve made good choices.

It’s not all roses of course. Honestly I’m surprised that I haven’t gotten the mother of all lectures and I know a part of her is just ready for me to throw in the towel with my husband and do something different. There’s a fine line between maintaining the relationship I have with my mother and repairing my marriage. Oftentimes I feel like it’s impossible to have both but I need both and so I continue to fight for it. It’s tough though. She’s part of why I am who I am. True that’s not all good but that’s not all bad though. A lot of the good I am comes from these woman and taking a step back from that to be a wife first and then a daughter is hard.


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