It’s Not That Simple

So I read this recently:

I really wish it were that simple. Man was not meant to live alone. But the fact of the matter is that when I’m alone I am great. I do things I like, eat foods I like and hear things I like. If something bothers me I change it because it is just me and I can do that. But you need other people. Every so often you need to work through something. Or you need to be held. Or you want to take a cooking class that has you sign up in pairs. Anything really. And then….things will be wrong and no one will tell you. Or it’ll be inconvenient to eat something you really love. Things you like to do are too expensive or the wrong time of day and music you love is disturbing. You’re no longer in control. You feel certain ways and you can’t figure out how to explain and no one cares that you hurt like hell on the inside. That is, until it affects them. And then they care. They care a lot. They want it stopped and they want it stopped now. They don’t know how you’re going to stop it but you better stop it. Take a pill, talk to someone for a hour whatever it takes. Get. Fixed. You’re broken, no good, tainted and passing the cancer along to everyone and you HAVE to stop because no one deserves or wants to deals with the horror and grossness that is you. Run down to the store and get the cure already, we’re sick of you wasting our time with your excuses for being hateful.

If it were that easy I’d be comfortably sleeping in my home instead of second guessing everything I’ve ever done and wandering through the woods on the West Coast.

It’s not that simple.


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