Government Shutdown

So it looks like it’s actually gonna happen this time. This is a horrible time for us. Our savings are still struggling to recover after the craziness that was our housebuying experience, and our relationship is going through a rough growing period. My heart aches for my husband. He’s going to take this personal and feel like this reflects on him as a father and a husband. And honestly it doesn’t to me. He’s not a member of Congress. He didn’t vote in any of the fuckfaces that would rather see people go unpaid than stop fighting for something the majority of the country doesn’t agree with. He’s not deciding that taking away help for the elderly, children and the poor is a good idea. That’s some of the idiots in Congress. This really and truly isn’t his fault. And it hurts to see him so disillusioned and hurt. I know a part of him feels betrayed. He made an agreement to sacrifice time with his family and watching his children grow and many other comforts in exchange for being able to take care of his family. And now he feels like he can’t do that and he’s devastated.

It’s not just about money. It’s about people’s state of mind and their spirits. It’s about people’s emotions. The fact that this is even happening is shameful.


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