Power Struggle

My friend gave me some great insight today into my marriage. (She’s one of my nearest and dearest so she’s right in the thick of it with me.) Both my husband and I are really controlling. We have to run the show and we like things just our way. Rather than work together to make sure we’ll be ourselves and still coexist and be happy; we’ve just been pushing and pushing and pushing against each other. So today I got tattooed and I tried to work with him. And I feel like it worked out a little bit better than it normally would. Not perfect but we’re perfectly imperfect and I’m okay with that. Like I mentioned in my last post pride is really something I struggle with and a lot of times it has me falling on my sword for a point that I don’t even really care about. Well I care but it’s not the end all and be all like I make it out to be. EVERYTHING can’t be so major.


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