Paycheck? What paycheck?

As of right now, my husband has been told by his command that it is HIGHLY unlikely that he will be paid on April 1st. <–Basic story here.

Uhm……what? Military equals change, this I know exceptionally well, but it’s also supposed to equal some kind of financial security. What in the sweet fuck is this garbage?!?! WE HAVE A MORTGAGE!!!! My husband is bummed out, angry and I’m sensing a bit of shame. I know it’s not his fault that we’re going to be freaking out come April 1st if this shit goes sideways and I know that he knows that I know that. But he likes to be the provider and that’s a big part of the rage and shame. Not to mention he still has to go into work knowing he’s not gonna be paid. That’s enough to piss anyone off.

As always I’m sure we’ll find a way out and as usual I’m sure it’ll involve my mother, but still….this is some crazy shit.


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